Master HP Riello UPS



RANGE: 100-600 kVA 0.9 PF RATED

MHT100 KVA (90 KW),
MHT 120KVA (108 KW),
MHT160 KVA (128 KW),
MHT200 KVA (180 KW),
MHT 250 KVA (225 KW),
MHT300 KVA (270 KW),
MHT400 KVA (360 KW),
AND MHT500 KVA (450 KW)

Master HP Series provides maximum protection and power quality for industrial loads and data centres. The Riello UPS solution for installations that need high energy efficiency and maximum power availability is the Master HP series, from 100 to 600 kVA. The UPS has an IGBT-based rectifier, DSP (Digital Signal Processors) technology and provides true On-line, double conversion power protection, (VFI SS 11 – Voltage and Frequency Independent accordance with IEC EN 32040-3).

Maximised cost savings

The Master HP offers high levels of efficiency for partial loads, resulting in reduced operating costs. With the capacity to monitor the mains input quality, the Master HP can select the best operating mode based on the interference present (Smart Active mode) or circular redundancy (Parallel Energy Saving mode; which allows the UPS to regulate available capacity based on the immediate demands of the load, automatically switching to standby in the event of excess capacity).

Power continuity

Riello UPS offers highly-obtainable, flexible solutions that can adapt to diverse system structures and critical levels. Riello UPS has developed and supplied solutions for dealing with the different requirements and problems that inescapably arise in critical applications, for years. Riello UPS creates UPS systems that continue to operate normally, providing true sinewave power without interruption, even during a number of component or subsystem failures. This is accomplished by careful design, installing redundant elements, eradicating common failure points, scheduling maintenance activities and controlling and managing the system operating parameters and environment. The Standby Systems technical services team in South Africa is ready to provide assistance and advice on projects.

Main features

  • Compact size, e.g., only 0.8 m2 for the Master HP 250 kVA
  • Reduced weight
  • Higher efficiency (up to 98.5%), thereby reducing long term running costs with all the advantages of a transformer based design
  • Double load protection, both electronic and galvanic isolation, from the connected VRLA Sealed AGM technology battery with a 3, 5, 10 or 12 year plus life expectancy.

Due to the flexibility of configuration, available selections and accessories, the Master HP range is suitable for supplying any type of load, e.g., capacitive loads resulting in leading power factor load draw on the sinewave inverter, such as blade servers or reactive loads resulting in lagging power factor load draw on the sinewave inverter, such as a standard PC power supply, etc. The entire range is fit for use in an extensive array of applications. Power supply dependability and availability are ensured for critical applications by distributed or centralised parallel UPS configurations of up to 8 units, for redundant (N+1) or power parallel configurations and all the different arrangements offered by the Master MPS range.

Zero impact source

Master HP has zero impact on connected power sources – grid networks or generators:

  • ≤ 3% input current distortion making this UPS very easy to interface with a generator and no requirement for large oversizing of the generator due to very low harmonic distortion of the sinewave supply to the rectifier
  • Input power factor 0.99 to ensure that metering on the municipal supply measures true power draw i.e. kW and saving money for the user
  • Power walk-in function – to ensure a progressive rectifier start-up further reducing inrush on generator start up or on mains supply grid maximum demand values
  • Start-up delay function – to restart the rectifier when the mains power supply is restored.

Battery care system

Master HP series UPS include a variety of features designed to extend connected high rate sealed VRLA AGM technology battery life and decrease their usage giving maximum service life expectancy.

Output isolation transformer

  • The UPS can be supplied from 2 independent lines
  • Better load protection from DC/Battery problems
  • Fault on DC bus will not affect the bypass availability
  • High Short circuit current
  • Higher immunity to harmonics or energy backfeed generated by the load.

Advanced supervision

Master HP series UPS have a front panel mounted graphics display providing UPS information, measurements, status updates and alarms in different languages, with wave form displays including voltage/current and providing kWh reading that can be used to measure IT loads and calculate datacentre PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) ratio.

Smart Grid Ready

Being Smart Grid Ready, Master HP allows for the implementation of power accumulation solutions, and at the same time guarantees particularly high levels of efficiency. It is also able to autonomously select the most effective operating method based on the status of the grid. Master HP UPS are also able to electronically interface with the energy manager using the Smart Grid communication network.

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