Riello Voltage Stabilizers


Many electrical installations experience considerable mains voltage fluctuation for a number of reasons. To overcome this problem, an additional piece of equipment is required which corrects the voltage. This product is known as a voltage stabiliser.

Voltronic 4

VOLTRONIC 4 electronic stabilisers regulate the voltage via a static…

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Tristab Y

The digitally-controlled TRISTAB-Y electromechanical stabilisers…

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Transfer Systems Switching Device

Transfer Systems and “intelligent” Switching Device to ensure continuous and reliable power distributions Multi Switch 16 A 1:1 Multi-Switch improves electrical supply continuity. The principle of… Read More (PDF) Multi Switch ATS 16 A 1:1 Multi Switch ATS provides installations with power supply continuity… Read More (PDF) Multi Socket PDU 16 A 1:1 The Riello UPS Multi…


Software & Connectivity

A range of software and accessories are characterized by simplicity and intuitiveness, security and reliability, highly customizable. PowerShield³ PowerShield³ provides efficient, user-friendly UPS management, displaying… Read More (PDF) PowerNetGuard PowerNETGuard software centralises UPS management using network interface… Read More (PDF) NetMan 204 The NetMan 204 network agent allows UPS directly connected over LAN… Read More (PDF) WiFi…


Battery Maintenance & Safety

Without getting too technical, it is an accepted norm that a battery has reached “end of life” when it can no longer supply 80% of its rated capacity in Ampere hours. At this point the battery should be replaced as the aging process accelerates. Determining Factors of a Batteries Life Span: Ambient and operational temperature…


UPS Batteries

Standby Systems offers a wide range of batteries from Lead acid through to Nickel Cadmium and LIFEPO4. The most commonly used battery in a UPS application is the lead acid. There are several types of lead acid batteries available: VRLA – Valve Regulated lead acid (Sometimes called sealed batteries) Design life:          3 to 5…


Riello UPS’s NextEnergy UPS sets new standards in mission critical applications

February 2018 Standby Systems SA (PTY) LTD is pleased to announce the launch of Riello UPSNextEnergy product. This highly innovative, transformer-less, three-phase UPS range with VFI SS 111 double conversion technology, IGBT converters and three-level control, is designed to meet power requirements of the future. The state-of-the-art technology and the careful selection of high quality…


High Rate Discharge Battery Series

Voltage: 6V & 12V Capacity: 12AH to 250AH Design floating service life:Upto 33AH :3 to 5 Years / >33AH : 10 Years a at 20oC/68oF General Features Nonspillable Sealed and Maintenance-free Operation High Quality and High Reliability Exceptional Deep Discharge Recovery Low Self-discharge Long Service Life Solid Copper Terminals Tank-formed Plates Computer-aided Design and Manufacturing…