The Smart VMH 5000 Watt off grid solar inverter is the ideal solution to reduce your reliance on the ailing South African power grid.


  • Cost effective well priced solution
  • Wide input voltage rage 170 to 280 VAC
  • Sinewave
  • Fast transfer times les than 10 Milli Sec
  • Built in 80 Amp rectifier and battery charger 
  • Up to 5500 watts PV input power
  • MPPT tracking
  • Wide PV range 150 to 430 Vdc 
  • 450 V open circuit PV voltage
  • 48 Vdc nominal battery voltage
  • Intelligent battery management to maximise battery service life
  • Wall mounted quiet operation < 50 dB
  • Various selectable modes of operation

This off grid inverter is ideally paired with the ELITE lead carbon battery range which offers high cyclability of up to 3000 cycles at 70% dept of discharge.

To achieve maximum batter service life it is recommended that the shut off DC voltage be set at 1,8975 volts per cell in order to prevent deep battery discharge.


To protect your inverter and battery investment and the connected loads it will be necessary for the unit to be installed by a qualified electrician that is certified to install the off grid VMH 500 watt inverter and issue a certificate of compliance to protect your product warranty. 

Input surge protection device on live and neutral sources

Input AC protection 25 Amp 5 kA max

Output AC protection 25 Amp 5 kA max

Battery DC protection 2 pole fused protection semi-conductor fuse 100 amps

PV protection 2 pole fused protection semi-conductor fuse 50 amps

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