24/7 Monitoring

The Riello AROS UPS Range Includes:

  • 16 UPS Ranges, from 300VA to 4.8MVA
  • Rack and Tower configurations
  • Modular, Centralised and Distributed
  • Centralised and Distributed Bypasses
  • Static Transfer Switches (STS)
  • Power Distribution Units (PDU)
  • Monitoring Software
  • Communications Options
  • Environmental Sensors
  • Extended Runtime Battery Packs

Standby Systems is able to supply:

  • Mod Bus and Profi Bus compatible equipment
  • Shutdown and Monitoring Software compatible with all software types
  • Teleservice applications available
  • SMS interface available
  • CE marked products
  • Single phase and three phase systems
  • Systems from 300VA up to 4.8MVA
  • Equipment approved for both IT and industrial applications
  • Specialised designs

Teletecnica has decades of experience designing, manufacturing, installing and servicing battery chargers, power supplies, power systems, uninterruptible power supplies, converters (DC/DC-DC/AC), distribution switchboards and battery monitoring systems for industrial applications where a highly reliable power supply is essential (telecommunications and telecasting, electrical energy production and supply, electric traction, emergency lighting, etc.)