Standby Systems

UPS Systems from 600VA to 6.4 Million VA

We support a UPS footprint throughout Africa
Standby Systems is a highly specialized and dedicated South African UPS Company, providing a comprehensive range of UPS systems into South Africa since 2003

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Our Products and Brands?


ELITE – TPPL (Thin Plate Pure Lead); HRL (High Rate Long Life); GP (General Purpose);
Lead Carbon; Cyclic

ENERSYS – GP; HX & HX plus Thin Plate Pure Lead



FIRST NATIONAL BATTERIES – Plante; Flat plate; Tubular Vented Chloride & Exide Lead Acid Batteries

DELKOR – NS40; NS60; NS70; MF102; Semi-sealed general purpose flooded lead acid; low maintenance battery

Who is Standby Systems?

We are a specialist Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) and emergency power backup Company, with over 250 years of combined UPS and battery backup experience.

Our product ranges extend from small standalone 400 VA offline UPS units to large and unique, three-phase, high-efficiency UPS power plants of up to 8 x 800 kW monolithic blocks, supplying 6400 kVA of parallel UPS power and redundancy – all engineered to suit the requirements of any UPS user in Africa with the in-house service, spare parts, maintenance and technical support, to back them up.

Static, emergency backup power, is our sole line of business. We offer a range of emergency power backup products for all applications covering all industries all over the African continent.

We are the whole package – What can we offer you?

Our most significant single UPS and battery emergency backup systems contract to date, is just under 500 million ZAR (35 million US$). There are no UPS or emergency backup power project too big or too small for us.

  • We have a reliable and competitive solution for all backup power and uninterruptible power supply requirements.
  • Our financial and engineering capability means that we will see all projects to completion and provide ongoing on -site service support and maintenance to ensure years of trouble-free UPS unit and battery backup plant operation.
  • Our services guaranteeour clients peace of mind – we are a financially sound, solid, and well-developed company with a fully comprehensive infrastructure within in Southern Africa.
  • Our solid national UPS footprint, past experience, financial stability, monetary capabilities, and service support and expertise. Along with internationally renowned Riello and Pureline state of the art UPS, STS, ATS and voltage regulator systems with ELITE batteries, give any UPS user in Africa, peace of mind and a trouble-free emergency power backup solutions with product guarantee options of up to 5 years.

Sole Riello UPS distributor in SA

We have been the sole distributor for Riello UPS – which is 100% designed and manufactured in Italy – since 2003, ensuring high-end UPS quality and reliability from the 5th largest UPS manufacturer in the world for all of South Africa except for in the Western Cape and KZN.

  1. A countrywide UPS, STS, STS, PDU and battery service, maintenance, support, parts, and sales footprint.
  2. Vast in-house tertiary and internationally qualified expertise in electrical engineering, with a team of over 30 employees who are more than 70% technically qualified and experienced, resulting in a solid engineering base in the UPS emergency backup power industry.
  3. In-house sales engineering and project management are documented and implemented according to the latest QA and SHE standards.

Standby Systems offers service level agreements (SLA) and preventative maintenance with reliable and trusted service delivery on all UPS, battery and emergency backup systems.

We understand the critical nature of your UPS and battery emergency power backup systems and assure you that we are there to support you 24/7 in the case of emergencies. We will get your connected inverter load running again in the quickest time possible.

We offer fully comprehensive preventative maintenance contracts with a complete guaranteed UPS spare parts holding in SA, ensuring quick and efficient turnaround times of mere hours – not days or weeks.

We have UPS service engineers on call with a 24-hour call-out number.

We offer well-priced high-quality battery, capacitor, and fan changes.
We understand the importance of having quick turnaround repair times when it comes to components with useable service life which can affect your UPS uptime, such as batteries, cooling fans, and capacitors. Therefore, we keep these medium-term consumable items, used in all UPS systems and emergency backup power plants, in stock.

We offer UPS battery replacements from our state-of-the-art warehousing facility, which boasts over 1000 square meters of airconditioned battery storage. Our in-house storage includes charging regimes and monitoring to ensure all replacement batteries are freshly charged, in brand new condition, and only a phone call away – whenever they are needed, 24/7.

Some UPS capacitors are electrolytic and have a limited shelf life, making it impossible for long-term storage and preventing stock holding in this case. However, we stock any UPS capacitors that can be stored for long periods. Alternatively, we have the Riello production line in Milano, Italy, to rely on for quick supply turnaround times, ensuring the shortest possible UPS downtime.

Standby Systems offers comprehensive first-line, routine UPS, inverter and battery service, maintenance, support, battery changes, fan changes, and capacitor changes on ALL makes of UPS systems.
  • For plug and play systems, we offer the listed services at your nearest Standby Systems service center.
  • For hard-wired systems, we will send our technicians to your site to perform the UPS and battery servicing.
  • We cannot guarantee spare parts availability for other makes of UPS systems because many UPS companies don’t keep spares locally, BUT we do for our Riello, ELITE and Pureline brands.

No matter the size of your UPS unit or emergency backup power plant, Standby Systems can offer you comprehensive installation and commissioning services with qualified personnel who are experts in their field.

Our UPS installation and commissioning services include but are not limited to:

  • Design
  • Cable sizing
  • Battery backup-time sizing
  • Battery cables and links
  • Battery cabinets and stand application and assembly
  • DC protection and fuses
  • Cold commissioning, including mechanical checks before powering up the UPS plant
  • Hot commissioning when the UPS is powered up and put online

Other services include battery bank discharge testing through the UPS inverter onto an AC load bank or directly onto a DC load bank. 

Batteries are known to fail overnight when least expected. Standby Systems can offer you a wide range of battery monitoring and testing options using high-end test equipment to determine early signs of cell failure that would otherwise go unnoticed until it is too late. This testing includes impedance testing, thermal imaging, and discharge testing.

Standby Systems has a large arsenal of power analysis equipment and services to help any potential client correctly size their UPS and backup battery plant for their specific backup power needs.

Additionally, we can assist clients who already have a UPS but are experiencing load-related or site-related issues which are affecting their power supply plant and, subsequently, the critical inverter loads.

The Riello AROS UPS Range includes various ETHERNET or WIFI network interface and Monitoring Software options. Standby Systems can supply Shutdown and Monitoring Software with interfaces such as SNMP, Mod-Bus, JBus, and many others, to allow the UPS user to monitor and receive fault or event reporting on system status, 24/7, with connected load shutdown options programmable according to IT load.

Riello electronics S.R.L is part of the Riello industry group, a Global Italian brand company. Riello UPS began with a merger between Riello and AROS UPS in the 2000s and has grown to be one of the most significant leaders of UPS products with the most advanced UPS technology in the world. They are currently ranked the 5th biggest UPS manufacturer internationally.

Standby Systems began its journey as a sole AROS/Riello distributor in 2003 when it started trading as a new uninterruptable power supply (UPS) service and sales company in SA with a brand previously unheard of, in the SA market.

Along with Riello UPS, Standby Systems has become a well-known and reliable household UPS and emergency power backup product brand with a complex and reliable UPS service support structure in South Africa.

Standby Systems Riello Outlets & Support Centers

Our Roots Extend All Across Africa Telephone:
011 794 2541 I 011 794 3406


24/7 Emergency UPS Technician Call Out:
083 274 7563

Technical Director :
084 517 9554

Managing Director :
082 450 2361


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