Lithium battery solutions for your AROS Riello UPS

Lithium battery solutions for your AROS Riello UPS (uninterruptible power supply) solutions are available from Standby Systems for any industry, including commercial, banking, industrial, medical, and data centre applications for emergency power backup to combat the continuous and ongoing poor power quality being experienced by the South African business sector.

Although lithium batteries are currently not recycled in South Africa, with the growing demand for emergency battery backup power, it is only a matter of time before large-scale lithium battery recycling plants are built in Africa to reclaim the valuable rare earth minerals used in Lithium technology battery production, such as Lithium Ion and Lithium Iron Phosphate also known as LiFePO4. 

Lithium batteries offer a longer service life under cycling conditions than normal lead acid batteries, which are also known as sealed or VRLA (valve-regulated lead acid), with the exception being the lead carbon battery, which out-cycles a lithium product by as much as 1000 cycles at 30% depth of discharge, i.e., when you use 30% of the available power a battery has, on every discharge.

Although lithium batteries offer much deeper discharging to very low voltages, this is not advantageous when used in a UPS system. The UPS inverter cannot operate to zero volts DC power input to its inverter and will shut off at a certain DC voltage according to the specific inverter design criteria. One of the most expensive parts of a modern UPS inverter are the IGBTs (insulated-gate bipolar transistors) used to convert DC power to AC power. Therefore, design engineers will opt for using higher DC voltages because at the same wattage, the current (amps) is lower at high DC voltage and thus the IGBTs requires a lower amperage. With IGBTs, the cost is per amp, not per volt, and hence the lower the amperage rating needed, the lower the build cost of the inverter.

Lithium batteries are able to work at much higher temperatures than lead acid batteries meaning that the cooling systems required are smaller and use less power. Also, higher temperatures do not affect performance or damage the battery as is the case with a lead acid product.

Lithium batteries are very light in weight by comparison to lead acid VRLA battery products and have a much smaller footprint of up to 75% smaller than equivalent lead acid. This means that the battery room or cabinet size requirement is very much reduced, saving on valuable building space and building rental costs, or increasing available space for critical equipment such as 19-inch server racks or other IT equipment.

As full built-in battery management is included with each lithium battery, the user gets real-time monitoring and stability of the battery bank whilst allowing for maximum safety and control during high-rate charge and discharge cycles, which gives a very high-performance product that recharges in only a few hours to full capacity.

Lithium batteries open a whole new world of possibilities for all types of battery users to help increase the amount of stored electrical energy capacity whilst having it instantly on demand on a high cycling basis. This assists with new applications such as peak shaving or peak lopping to reduce maximum demand power consumption and thereby reduce monthly electricity costs for any business where peak power demands occur for short periods during daily operations.

With recent advances in battery chemistry and technologies, Standby Systems is able to offer our UPS clients a new type of battery solution using AROS RIELLO UPS products in conjunction with Riello Solar tech to bring lithium battery solutions to the table as a high cycling alternative to conventional VRLA batteries which fail easily under heavy cycling applications.

The high cycle ability of Lithium technology batteries, along with very fast recharge times, makes them ideal for off-grid or hybrid applications where they are used with a combination of generator, solar, and wind power. 

Lithium technology needs advanced battery management with accurate cell balancing, with which Riello UPS integrates a highly specialised battery management module that is not a normal part of a standard UPS to allow the user high-end monitoring whilst ensuring complete system safety and the best reliability of available back battery power at very high-performance levels.

The lithium battery solutions available from Standby Systems for the majority of the AROS RIELLO UPS system range of products can be used for all types of applications, and their designs take into account numerous factors, such as:

  1. Battery backup time needed
  2. Frequency of discharges
  3. Available recharge times 
  4. Available recharge power from the UPS rectifier

This makes Lithium battery solutions ideal for all types of UPS applications, in particular where high cycle life is needed. This includes industries and applications such as:

  • IT and data centres
  • All types of telecommunications
  • Financial institutions and buildings
  • Hospitals and medical applications
  • All types of manufacturing
  • Off-grid and peak lopping
  • Any other UPS application.

Standby Systems has a team of experts to advise you on which AROS Riello UPS and battery combination is best for your specific needs. Visit Standby Systems’ website or contact us at 011 794 2541 or  011 794 3406 or WhatsApp 082 450 2361.  

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