Standby Systems announces the all new Riello Sentinel Dual UPS (SDU) 19 inch Module hot swap System

12 April 2021

The SDU modular MBB hot swop bypass allows for online change out of an SDU UPS module, at reduced cost, with no downtime for the critical inverter load

This device is for use with the Riello Sentinel Dual range, available in 5, 6 , 8 and 10 kVA sizes with unity inverter power factor rating in 19 inch rack or tower application. This range is parallelable in identical power rating of up to 3 UPS modules, by means of the optional paralleling card and ring feed easy plug in, signal cables, to allow for load expansion or offer the very critic al load an N+1 inverter solution for ultimate redundancy.

In a parallel redundant application all UPS inverters, share the load equally at all times.

In the case of 2 units in parallel the load my never exceed that of one inverters full load rating so maximum loading per UPS will be 50%. This is also referred to as half load parallel redundant topology.

If the system consisted of 3 UPS units in parallel, then similarly the load must never exceed the rating of the sum of two inverters. So each inverter will carry one third of the load at any one time and should one fail, the other two will each take on half of that third. This is known as a redundant system or N+1.

By allowing for parallel redundancy the inverter step load (in the case of an inverter failing) or sudden load increase is never 100%. This is very important, as under 100% load steps, the inverters’ performance and voltage output varies more widely, so with IT and Data center loads, that have very high power supply specifications with extremely small tolerances, opting for redundancy is a crucial factor to ensure load power is never out of tolerances.

The SDU Modular MBB is an interface module giving up to 3 x SDU units in parallel, the essential option to remove any of the modules on line ,without interfering with the users load or need for down time. It allows for the simple hot swap of a UPS by isolating it, removing a damaged module and replacing it with a new one or for individual module isolation for maintenance purposes, in an uninterrupted power manner.

As is very common in high power rack mount applications, there is no space or allowance in rack/tower or RT UPS units to include a manual bypass facility. The MBB takes care of that problem easily and simply and is merely added as an optional item into the IT rack. This unit is also available for a tower installation as well.

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