Standby Systems announces the AROS Riello UPS Sentryum high power range.

Standby Systems announces the AROS Riello UPS Sentryum high power range expansion with the launch of 2 new UPS models, 30 & 40 kW 3-Phase input 3-Phase output

March 2021.

The RIELLO Sentryum transformerless ONLINE double-conversion Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) is designed for ultimate reliability, highest efficiency in its class in the world, and best performing product for highly critical and sensitive UPS loads.

The Sentryum is AROS Riello’s 3rd generation transformerless online double-conversion UPS system with unity power factor rating, giving a very high power package in the smallest of footprints.

The Sentryum UPS will deliver brilliant unmatched performance levels expected of a UPS in its class, while offering extremely high efficiencies of 96.6% to ensure the lowest total cost of ownership to the user.

The Sentryum UPS, first launched from 10 to 20 kW in 2019, is a well-proven product solution for small and medium UPS users, including data centres and other IT type loads, while being just as effective in all other sectors of industry from communications to heavy industry and production lines, to bridge those power failures and keep your systems running.

Due to this UPS unit’s high-performance ability and reliability, it is especially suited for use in medical systems and laboratories to ensure unaffected and ultimate load performance standards and results under all types of power failures and mains supply conditions.

The Sentryum UPS is available with tons of different AROS RIELLO UPS interfaces for network monitoring and control, either IT and data centre or heavy industry information highways like Modbus and JBus. No matter what, the application Riello AROS UPS interfaces and software have it all covered.

From March 2021, the Sentryum is available in 30 and 40 kW models with two different cabinet options housing 80 or 120 batteries internally in a 0,4 m2 footprint or installed with ELITE high-performance UPS batteries in a separate battery cabinet or on a battery stand. 

Steel front entry CabinetFreestanding with wheels and connection terminals behind the front doorFreestanding with wheels and connection terminals behind the front door
Battery internal or externalUp to 80 internal batteriesUp to 120 internal batteries
VentilationFans exhausting from the rearFans exhausting from the rear
IP ratingIP20IP20
Cable entry via front doorBottomBottom
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