Standby Systems announces the launch of the all New Riello NextEnergy 600 kVA/kW UPS

15 March 2021

Massively improved UPS power availability for the backup power protection of large Data Centers where floor space is high on the selection list along with reliability, efficiency, and scalability, the new Riello UPS range extension broadens RIELLO UPS availability and footprint into the data centre world.

The Riello NextEnergy UPS is ideally suitable and widely used in all sized data centres – be they small, medium, or large, high power IT solutions, and other UPS environments for backup power, load, and maximum load up time. All of this at a low total cost of ownership due to its low electricity consumption from high efficiencies and market competitiveness with the best in the world top 5 UPS manufacturers, of which Riello is one.

Due to the growing demand for high-speed data and data processing, any UPS user in the data environment needs to consider UPS plant expandability for future expansion of data processing. The Riello NextEnergy caters to all the needs of such users and can easily be paralleled without the need for load downtime, which costs big data centers millions of Rands in lost revenue for only a few minutes of power loss.

Along with data center hardware manufacturers, Riello UPS is constantly aiming for improved UPS ranges and stock holding by Standby Systems in Southern Africa. By maximising power availability within existing products and designing improved, more effective UPS ranges and solutions, striving for ultimate high efficiencies, reliability, and lowest cost in the top 5 world UPS manufacturers.

The latest addition to the Riello UPS NextEnergy family with the 600 kW transformerless UPS includes the smartest battery management system, system self-capacity test, and latest load testing system available in the world UPS market.

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