Master HP

Master HP


The AROS Riello MHP range of UPS systems uses the proven online double-conversion technology with an IGBT rectifier for low impact on the supply source and IGBT inverter, which is transformer-based, thereby galvanically isolating the inverter from the user’s load and thus making this UPS system one of the most advanced and reliable backup UPS plants, giving the end user the ultimate emergency power purity and reliability with maximum connected load protection from the often harsh African utility power supply grid.

The master HP is available only in three-phase 400 vac input and three-phase 400 vac output 50 or 60 Hz.

The AROS RIELLO Master HP UPS range starts from 100 kVA (0.9 pf inverter), with its biggest available power block being 600 kVA (0.9pf inverter):

MHT100 KVA (90 KW), MHT 120KVA (108 KW),
MHT160 KVA (128 KW), MHT200 KVA (180 KW)
MHT 250 KVA (225 KW), MHT300 KVA (270 KW),
MHT400 KVA (360 KW) AND MHT500 KVA (450 KW)

The AROS RIELLO Master HP Series, uses the most reliable online double-conversion UPS topology in conjunction with an inverter output transformer and can be used in various modes of operation to achieve overall UPS system efficiencies of up to 98% depending on the connected loading.

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