Master Switch STS

Master Switch STS

AROS RPS UPS Master Switch Single-Phase Input 220 VAC Single-Phase Out 220 VAC 32, 63 and  a 120 AMPS Static Transfer Switch

This single-phase static transfer switch allows for dual supplies with a single user-selectable output. This unit can be hot-swapped if installed correctly and includes a Manual bypass switch which allows the load to be connected mechanically to one of the single-phase 220 VAC input supplies.

This STS is available in 32AMP, 63AMP and 120AMP rated packages and is capable of supplying a large variety of different load types and demands. Very often the STS is used with two UPS units in an A and B configuration whereby UPS A feeds the one input and UPS B feeds the other input and the critical load is fed by the single output.

The STS will then run on the preferred UPS supply, but, should this supply fail due to a UPS fault, it will transfer the load connected to its output onto the other UPS using its built-in thyristor switch which is controlled by its internal microprocessor; thereby ensuring a no-break transfer with a maximum switching time of one-quarter of a sinewave cycle, and keeping the connected load running trouble-free while the STS includes back-feed protection as a standard feature.

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