Multi Sentry 30-200kVA

Multi Sentry 30-200kVA

AROS Riello Multi Sentry UPS

As the big brother to the already highly successful and reliable MST 10 to 20 kVA the Multi Sentry range was successfully extended several years ago with instant success and market demand.

Available in:

THREE-PHASE INPUT/THREE-PHASE OUTPUT AROS RIELLO MULTI SENTRY UPS (3:3) – PARALLELABLE – UPS BACKUP SYSTEM FROM 30 kVA (27kW), 40 kVA (36 kW), 60 kVA 54 kW, 80 kVA (72 kW), 100 kVA (90 kW), 125 kVA (112.5 kW), 160 kVA (160 kW) and 200 kVA (200 kW)

The AROS RIELLO Multi Sentry 10 to 200 kVA series can be used for a very wide range of applications for protecting the users critical loads from the hard African supply gird which is often unreliable and subject to frequent power outages and even rolling blackouts. From Data centres, IT and telecoms onto the most critical of loads the AROS RIELLO multi Sentry online double-conversion UPS system is the ideal choice.

The AROS RIELLO multi Sentry UPS 30 to 200 kVA UPS system makes use of proven and reliable inverter DSP control technology to ensure that the connected loads are supplied with the purest power under all types of supply conditions. The AROS RIELLO Multi Sentry UPS system complies with the highest international UPS system standards and specifications under VFI SS 111 class, as specified in the IEC requirements for backup UPS system inverters as well as EN62040-3 and is thus the perfect choice for any type of UPS load.

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