Multi Switch

Multi Switch

AROS RPS 220VAC 16 AMP 3520VA MultiSwitch for dual UPS supply

This device is ideal for use in conjunction with two UPS supplies or power supplies in the form of A and B and is normally installed in the IT racks such that dual power supply is offered for loads with only one input. By installing this switch very close to the load, the risk of a single point of failure is moved as close to the loads as possible and reduces the risk of load power loss.

The unit has two input power connections and eight IEC sockets rated 220 VAC @ 2,2 kVA per socket. The user can select which of the two UPS input power supply sources is the preferred source for supplying the loads. The two sources need not be synchronised or in phase with each other. Should the preferred source power fail, the unit will switch over to the second alternative source without interruption to the load. The time to transfer the loads from one source to the other does not affect the load uptime in compliance with the I.T.I Charts.

The unit can be interfaced using the AROS RPS free downloadable software for remote monitoring and control by the user. In the event of a load-short or problem, the unit will isolate that particular load by disconnecting only the IEC socket that is supplying the load, so this will not affect the other seven IEC sockets and their connected loads. The unit is then controlled and limits can be set in terms of supply voltages tolerances according to load sensitivity. The unit also has a comms slot for optional SNMP and other comms devices, and the front panel has an LCD display for local interrogation at the unit.

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