Net Power 600-2000VA

Net Power 600-2000VA

AROS Riello Net Power UPS

AROS Riello Net Power UPS System is available in: 600, 800, 1000, 1500 and 2000 VA.

This single-phase input and single-phase output UPS system employs line interactive technology to supply backup power to your desktop PC and other small critical devices for home, small network and small office applications.

The AROS RIELLO NETPOWER UPS system regulates the mains supply on the input by means of an automatic voltage stabiliser which keeps the voltage supply to the connected emergency backup UPS load within acceptable limits under normal utility power supply conditions without using its internal VRLA AGM sealed led acid backup battery.

The built in Electromagnetic interference filter circuits further assist in ensuring that supply voltage peaks or spikes as well as switching transients on the supply utility grid are prevented from affecting the critical backup inverter load under nearly all conditions of utility supply quality.

The AROS RIELLO NETPOWER line interactive UPS system has a backup inverter that employs the latest most advanced controls in UPS inverter modified Sinewave output technology to keep the critical backup protected.

This UPS system is capable of black starting in the event of mains not being present and ensures the user has sufficient time to power down the connected critical inverter load or shut it down using the freely downloadable software.

Software Option



Netman 204 + box (Only NPW 1000 – 2000)
MultiCom 302 + box (Only NPW 1000 – 2000)

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