AROS Riello NextEnergy UPS

This is an online double-conversion, very high efficiency transformerless UPS system, with three-phase rectifier input and three-phase inverter output available in the inverter power ranges of:

250 kVA 250 kW
300 kVA 300 kW
400 kVA 400 kW with soon to be released 500 kVA 500 kW and 600 kVA 600 kW UPS inverter ratings

The AROS RIELLO Next Energy or NXE a it is know UPS systems is the next generation release to extend and advance the highly successful Multi Sentry or MST as it is known UPS systems.

The NXE boasts of massive overall efficiencies in very low losses, meaning much reduced long term running costs over the life time of the UPS plant. These remarkably high efficiency values are achieved over a wide operational range of inverter loading with the new and unique efficiency system control, while this UPS is configured in the online double-conversion mode of operation, for maximum clean sinewave power protection, as a result of its three level IGBT inverter in accordance with the requirements of international standards such as VFISS111.

Boasting the highest efficiencies in its UPS class range, the next energy is designed and built with a unity power factor inverter enabling this UPS system, to offer the end user in particular for IT and data centres, an extremely high power output UPS with very small footprint and it has the unique added value that it can be installed side by side and back to back or up against a wall, requiring only front access.

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