Sentinel Dual SDU 4-10kVA

Sentinel Dual SDU 4-10kVA

AROS Riello Sentinel Dual / SDU UPS

The AROS Riello Sentinel Dual or SDU UPS rack or tower mount high power (kw = kva) online, double-conversion, UPS System with internal or extended battery backup options.

Available in: Single-phase input/single-phase output 1:1 – parallelable – high power 4 kva as well as 5 kva (5 kw), 6 kva (6kw), 8kva (8 kw) and 10 kva (10 kw). Three-phase input/single-phase output 3:1 – parallelable – high-power 8 kva (8 kw) & 10 kva (10 kw).

Sentinel Dual is the best and most technically advanced, high power online double-conversion UPS solution suitable for powering all types of critical applications for all industries and all load types that require extreme power reliability of exceptional standards during power failures or bad and unreliable utility power grids with repeated rolling black outs.

The Sentinel Dual UPS’s easy and adaptable installation and use, along with ITS vast and powerful communication options and protocols, using latest technologies including SNMP up to latest version 3, Modbus, Jbus and many more interfaces make the AROS RIELLO Sentinel Dual UPS suitable for any emergency power or clean backup power application in all types of industries including IT/Data Center applications (19” rack mount cabinets with high power density demand such as blade server cabinets), security systems, fire systems, medical systems, PLC and industrial uses with industrial communication interfaces to name but a few.

The Sentinel Dual UPS can be operated as a stand alone system or in parallel configurations of a dual parallel redundant UPS plant i.e. 1+1 or as a N+1 redundant configuration, thus giving the user drastically improved reliability for highly critical systems with 99.999% uptime.

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