Vision 800-2000VA

Vision 800-2000VA

AROS Riello Vision Dual UPS

The AROS Riello Vision Dual UPS System is available in several models to include: 800, 1100, 1500 and 2000VA. Models all rated with an inverter power factor of 0,8 lagging.

The Vision Dual UPS system employs the latest digital line interactive technology to provide a high efficiency pure sinewave inverter solution for emergency power to supply small home, office, communications and IT applications such as powering network switches.

This UPS system provides the connected load with filtered Sinewave power under normal power supply conditions using the latest EMI filtering to prevent spikes and transients from affecting the critical UPS load and also effectively regulates the power supply voltage to the UPS load by means of automatic voltage transformer regulation, to ensure supply stability to the UPS critical load.

The AROS RIELLO Vision Dual line interactive UPS systems are fitted with a switch off button to prevent power wastage when no load is connected and will automatically start up on return of the utility power supply after a power failure. This UPS system includes a battery test facility to ensure that the internal battery is at optimum performance and reliability levels and allows for hot swappable batteries without the need to disconnect the critical inverter load.

The Vision Dual line interactive UPS system is easily interfaced with your network through several communication interface options via a standard selectable RS232 or USB interface and monitoring software.

The front LCD display enables the UPS user to obtain many types of performance related information and values. Along with the cold start facility the Vision Dual UPS system is one of the most user-friendly products in its class.

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