What sets Standby Systems apart from any other UPS provider?

Standby Systems, your UPS Specialist

Standby Systems is a Specialist UPS Company that provides a wide-ranging array of UPS systems; from large uniquely engineered three-phase power plants to small standalone units, all to suit the standby power generation requirements of Sub Saharan Africa.

We have extensive in-house proficiency and a rock-solid engineering base in the backup power industry. Our committed approach to excellence and factory trained staff means our technical division will provide emergency care to your critical facility 24 hours a day – 365 days a year.

Pre-emptive service contracts are available upon request on a wide range of UPS products.

1) Our Speciality

Standby Systems specialises in UPS and DC Systems as well as batteries, battery chargers, and electro mechanical voltage stabilisers. We also have a large spares holding for servicing and repairs.

Under one roof, we have over 150 years of joint UPS experience to depend on country wide, and vast in-house expertise, with a solid engineering base in the UPS industry.

We stock a comprehensive collection of UPS Systems and the sole distributor for Riello Aros UPS Systems, 100% designed and built in Italy from 4 kVA onwards for the entire South Africa outside Natal and Western Cape.

2) Our Products and Services

Part One: Products

Our UPS range includes:

Offline UPS systems:

Iplug – Riello AROS – 600 VA to 800 VA
Idialog – Riello AROS –400 VA to 1600 VA
Idialog rack Riello AROS –600 VA to 1200 VA – 19” rack mount

Line interactive UPS systems:

Single phase 1/1 – 220 volts

  • Netpower – Riello AROS – 600 VA to 2000 VA
  • Vision – Riello AROS – 800 VA to 2000 VA
  • Vision Dual RT – Riello AROS – 1100 VA to 3000 VA – 19” rack or Tower
  • Vision Rack – Riello AROS – 800 VA to 1100 VA – 19” rack mount
  • Pure Line – 650 VA to 3000 VA

Online double-conversion UPS systems:

Singlephase 1/1 – 220 volts

  • SentinelPro – Riello AROS – 700 VA to 3000 VA
  • Sentinel Rack – Riello AROS – 1500 VA to 3000 VA – 19” rack mount
  • SentinelDual (SDU) RT – 4 to 10 kW – Rack or tower – parallelable
  • Multi Sentry – 10 to 20 kVA – parallel able
  • Sentrym – 10 to 20 kW – parallel able
  • Pure Line – 1 to 10 kVA – parallel able
  • Pure Line – 1 to 10 kVA – 19” rack mount – parallel able

Three phase 3/3 – 380/400 volts


  • Multi Sentry – Riello AROS – 10 to 200 kVA parallel able
  • Next Energy NXE- Riello AROS – 250 to 600 kW

Transformer based

  • Master MPS – Riello AROS – 10 to 200 kVA
  • MasterHP – Riello AROS – 100 to 600 kVA
  • Master HE – Riello AROS – 100 to 800 kW – high efficiency – our flagship UPS

Modular UPS

  • Multi Power – Riello AROS – up to 1008 kW
  • Guard Industrial – Riello AROS up to 160 kVA

The Riello AROS UPS product range is highly competitive in its class, offering the latest technology UPS systems of utmost reliability, for any application or industry, including:

  • 16 UPS Ranges, from 600VA to 6.4MVA
  • Rack and Tower configurations
  • Modular, Centralised and Distributed
  • Centralised and Distributed Bypasses
  • Static Transfer Switches (STS)
  • Power Distribution Units (PDU)
  • Monitoring Software
  • Communications Options
  • Environmental Sensors
  • Extended Runtime Battery Packs
  • Mod Bus and Profi Bus compatible equipment
  • Shutdown and Monitoring Software compatible with all software types
  • Teleservice applications available
  • SMS interface available
  • CE marked products
  • Single phase and three phase systems
  • Systems from 600VA up to 4.8MVA
  • Equipment approved for both IT and industrial applications

Our dual feed transfer systems and Static transfer switch or STS range includes:

  • Multi pass – Riello AROS – 16A rack or wall versions
  • Multi switch – Riello AROS – 16A dual input feed rack mount
  • Multi switch ATS – Riello AROS – 16A dual input feed rack mount
  • Multi socket PDU – Riello AROS – 16A
  • Master switch single phase – Riello AROS – 32 to 120 amp static transfer switch
  • Master switch three phase – Riello AROS – 100 to 1250 amp static transfer switch

Our Voltage stabiliser range includes:

  • Voltronic – Riello AROS
  • Tri Stab Y – Riello AROS – electro mechanical up to 800 kVA

Our Software and connectivity options include:

  • Power shield shutdown and monitoring software
  • Netman 204 SNMP and WIFI dongle
  • Environmental sensors and interfacing
  • Multi com 302 for Modbus or JBus in RS232 or RS485
  • Multi com 352 serial port duplexer
  • Multi com 372 serial port with additional EPO and remote shutdown
  • Multi com 384 additional relay contacts
  • Multi com 411 Profibus protocol converter
  • Multi I/O – Configurable input and output relay signals
  • Multi panel for remote monitoring and control of your UPS
  • Communication card adapter

Our range of battery product brand options include:

  • Elite GP Batteries – VRLA AGM UPS battery from 7ah to 250 ah
  • Elite HR Batteries – VRLA AGM UPS battery from 7ah to 250 ah
  • Elite Deep cycle Batteries – VRLA AGM UPS battery from 7ah to 250 ah
  • Elite long life Batteries – VRLA AGM UPS battery from 7ah to 250 ah
  • Elite Solar Batteries – VRLA AGM UPS battery from 7ah to 250 ah
  • Elite Lithium Iron/Lithium Ion Elite Batteries – VRLA AGM UPS battery from 7 to 250 ah
  • Elite battery range includes
  • Enersys batteries including TPPL technology, high rate long life expectancy to Euro batt standards
  • Enersys range includes Data safe, Fiamm, Hawker, Oerlikon, Power safe, Power safe SBS, Power safe SBS XL,
  • Vision UPS batteries
  • CSB UPS batteries and Royale semi sealed, NS40, Ns60, NS 70 and 102AH, MF deep cycle flooded, general purpose batteries
  • First National batteries’ Chloride and Raylite Vented flat plate, tubular and Plante batteries
  • 12 volt 7 ah 31 WATT @ 15 min rate
  • 12 volt 9 ah 34 WATT @ 15 min rate
  • 12 volt 12 ah 51 WATT @ 15 min rate
  • 12 volt 17 ah
  • 12 volt 18 ah
  • 12 volt 20 ah 82 WATT @ 15 min rate
  • 12 volt 26 ah
  • 12 volt 28 ah 110 WATT @ 15 min rate
  • 12 volt 33 ah 125 WATT @ 15 min rate
  • 12 volt 35 ah
  • 12 volt 40 ah
  • 12 volt 45 ah 160 WATT @ 15 min rate
  • 12 volt 50 ah
  • 12 volt 55 ah
  • 12 volt 60 ah
  • 12 volt 65 ah 240 WATT @ 15 min rate
  • 12 volt 70 ah
  • 12 volt 80 ah 290 WATT @ 15 min rate
  • 12 volt 90 ah
  • 12 volt 100 ah 380 WATT @ 15 min rate
  • 12 volt 120 ah 425 WATT @ 15 min rate
  • 12 volt 150 ah 535 WATT @ 15 min rate
  • 12 volt 200 ah 710 WATT @ 15 min rate

Part Two: Services

Standby Systems is a specialist UPS company that offers a comprehensive range of UPS systems from large, uniquely engineered, three-phase UPS power plants, to cheap entry level, small stand-alone UPS units; designed to suit any client’s specifications and pocket.

We provide a complete 24-hour cell phone call-out service for any UPS after hours technical emergency for all our maintenance contract clients, as well as offering preventative UPS and battery maintenance and in house UPS repairs on a country wide basis on a variety of different UPS products.

Service Delivery Mission Statement

The management and staff of Standby Systems understand the critical nature of the equipment supplied and installed with their clients. It is our undertaking to ensure that operations are restored to optimal levels when the utility supply fails. In our view, the service provided by Standby Systems is a fundamental component of each client’s success. We strive to ensure that your standby equipment is operational and on line. It is therefore imperative to invest in regular preventative maintenance with the knowledge that our dedicated team is available to assist with care and efficient reaction times. Our goal is to provide highly responsive and effective customer service.”

Maintenance and Care
Requesting Support

Considering the nature of your business and the reliance we place on UPS backup service turnaround times, it is advisable to notify our office as soon as possible of any failure or alarm that may lead to a potential failure of your UPS at a later date. To ensure that your request is dealt will timeously, please have the following information readily available:

1) Location of the site;
2) Person responsible for the maintenance of the UPS equipment;
3) Contact details and email address of the relevant site personnel;
4) Brief description of the problem and error messages that may have been noted.

You may use one of the following means to log a service call with our office:
Phone: 011 794 2541 / 3406 or 083 274 7563


Standby Systems provides a complete 24 hour UPS emergency call-out facility for its maintenance contract clients and has the expertise to offer both emergency and preventative maintenance service on a wide range of UPS products. Our planned service visits by factory trained technicians:

  • Reduce risk of any breakdowns and load power loss
  • Increases machine operation life
  • Reduce unexpected maintenance expenses

Preventative maintenance visits include:

  • Downloading and analysis of recorded data / event history at our offices after the site service is done
  • All electrical calibrations and settings to achieve optimum performance within the latest IT environment requirements for power quality
  • Thermal UPS analysis is available on request
  • Cleaning of equipment and ensuring minimal dust level remains after the service to prevent tracking and machine damage, whilst ensuring maximum cooling fan life
  • Mechanical checks
  • Fan checks to ensure unobstructed air flow and correct air movement through the UPS to prevent overheating
  • AC and DC capacitor checks and measurement to ensure correct and effective filtration and ensure the UPS battery attains maximum life expectancy by way of reduced ripple.

Critical Spares Availability

Our wide-ranging spares holding along with all the technical expertise ensures an exemplary service solution to corporate clients. We are ready to dispatch most critical spares within a 24 hour window to alleviating downtime.

  1. Standby Systems, your UPS Specialist

We boast a staff complement that includes qualified electrical engineers and technicians in light and heavy current fields of expertise, overseas trained installation and service technicians, sales consultants, project management and quality-, safety-, service- and accounts- departments.

Standby Systems is honoured to have accomplished successful trading in a highly competitive UPS industry.

Since our commencement in 2003, we have solidified our brand as leaders in the South African UPS market. Supported by over 200 years of employees’ technical and industry knowledge and site-trained service engineers, we offer an all-inclusive solution to your standby power infrastructure.

With us you are guaranteed:

  • Broad range of excellent UPS and battery products.
  • Top level of technical capability and training.
  • Pro-active technical, sales and project management departments.
  • High quality standards with documented quality procedures
  • Proficient after sales service and support.
  • Documented SHE plan and systems.
  • Active management and supervision.
  • Support staff
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