Maintenance of UPS batteries

It is a known fact that a UPS battery will not last forever and that a battery is a medium-term consumable item that requires replacement every few years. Battery replacement is determined by its design life and the number of charge and discharge cycles that it undergoes while in use in the field.

It is very important that a UPS battery undergoes regular maintenance, testing and inspections including impedance measurements to determine any possible start of failure before it affects the critical inverter load. These measures ensure that the battery is kept in optimum condition at all times while in service.

Battery Tests

Standby Systems’ onsite battery testing will compare the battery for performance against the manufacturers’ published battery performance levels when it was newly produced. During onsite preventative maintenance our technicians will determine:

  1. The voltage and condition of the individual 12-volt blocks comprising the series battery string on the UPS.
  2. The available battery capacity using the UPS’s built-in battery discharge test without affecting the connected inverter load.
  3. The expected service life still available from the battery.
  4. Optional impedance measurements to determine the internal state of the battery and measure the “resistance” which determines whether the battery has aged and to what extent from new.

For battery impedance measurements please contact us.

Battery Replacements

To prevent catastrophic failure and load downtime, it is recommended that a battery with a 3- to 5-year design life be replaced under preventative maintenance measures at 3 years, and a battery with a 10-year design life be replaced under preventative maintenance measures after 7 years.

Standby Systems selects preferred battery brands which are known for longevity and reliability whilst offering optimum performance. These brands include ELITE, UPSEL, CSB, CHLORIDE AND EXCIDE vented batteries from FNBI, Enersys and Genersys.

End of life Battery Removal, Transport, and Disposal

Standby Systems is committed to a greener environment and all batteries are transported and disposed of in accordance with road regulations and stipulations under ISO14001.

For more information contact Standby Systems technical and sales support on 011 794 2541/ 011 794 3406 / 082 450 2361 or email. You can visit the Standby Systems website or the Riello UPS website.

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