Battery Chargers

Battery Chargers:

Thyristor and Switch Mode battery chargers from Teletecnica Italy are supplied by Standby Systems.

Teletecnica Thyristor Battery Charger

This battery charger is available as a stand-alone or parallel system with equal load sharing capabilities. The battery charger can be specified with either natural or forced cooling depending on the application.

Main Features:

  • Microprocessor control
  • Digital control panel
  • Serial interface for remote PC control
  • Battery rectifier for charging lead-acid, Ni-Cd and sealed type batteries
  • High efficiency, reliability and easy maintenance front access.
  • Teletecnica Switch Mode Battery Charger

    The switch mode option can operate as a stand-alone rectifier or with battery charger capabilities. It is naturally cooled, highly reliable, with excellent efficiency and fast dynamic response.