UPS Units

UPS Units:

Standby Systems proudly supply a comprehensive range of UPS Systems and is a certified distributor of Riello Aros UPS Systems.

Our UPS range include:

  • Sentinel Dual – Riello AROS
  • Multi Sentry – Riello AROS
  • Master MPS – Riello AROS
  • Master HP – Riello AROS
  • Multi Guard Industrial – Riello AROS
  • Sirio Power Supply (SPS) – Riello AROS
  • RT Series

The advantages of the Riello AROS UPS product range:

  • Very Competitive
  • Latest Technology
  • Parallelable in n+n
  • No Central Bypass cabinet needed
  • Unique products available, such as a parallelable single phase machines.