Reliable and stable backup power solutions for your surveilence cameras, DVR’s and security systems

The availability of continuous and reliable power supply to your security and surveilance camera systems is critical to ensure protection against crime elements of society, as well as protect your expensive security equipment from damage or hard drive data corruption due to bad mains power supply as is so common in South Africa today, with rolling blackouts and regular power failures along with spikes, transients and dips, fast becoming the norm from ESKOMs ailing power station generation fleet.

These conditions make it essential that you have a reliable and proven technology UPS to backup your security and video surveillance systems to ensure power continuity as well as clean filtered power supply to them in order to get the maximum service life out of your security system investment.

The most obvious choice is a Riello UPS or Pureline UPS from Standby Systems who have been offering countrywide spares, service and technical support since becoming a Riello distributor for SA in 2003. Riello UPS systems is the 5th largest UPS manufacturer in the world today, with all UPS backup products being 100% designed and manufactured in Italy.

So the question is which UPS do I choose out of such a vast range of options?

For small and medium size camera and security installations which generally have a low power requirement there are many options to protect you equipment from bad power supply and power failures for example Line interactive UPS (Riello Netwpower, Vision, Vision rack or Vision dual or for a more cost effective solution the Pureline PLLI series). If your security system includes DVR’s and other sensitive IT product then you should rather opt for a more advanced UPS product option like the Rielo Sentinel pro and dual range or the high power Sentinel tower UPS range. For more cost effective options of on line double conversion technology the Pureline P1000 to P10 000 are also available.

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