New Riello UPS called Sentrym

AROS RIELLO UPS systems have announced the release of a new range of high-power, small footprint, online, double-conversion UPS units called the Sentrym.

The Sentrym UPS range is available in 10, 15 and 20 kVA single phase input or three-phase input in the same machine, and single-phase output also known as a 1/1 UPS or 3/1 UPS (S3M) as well as three-phase input and 3 phase output or 3/3 UPS (S3T).

This range of UPS units all have an inverter rating of unity and thus deliver kVA = kW making this backup supply easily adaptable for any load, irrelevant of the connected equipment power factor.

The UPS inverter makes use of 3-level technology and digital control to achieve overall UPS efficiencies of over 96.5%, offering the emergency backup load extreme levels of high power along with high efficiencies and very low heat losses, thus requiring smaller installation areas and smaller cooling units leading to a greener UPS power solution to the user with very low long-term running costs and low total cost of ownership.

The AROS RIELLO Sentrym is fitted with an easy to use front panel display and is available in 3 different physical sizes to accommodate various amounts of internally mounted batteries, thereby offering a wide range of battery backup flexibility within one UPS box.

The Sentrym range of UPS units will, shortly, expand into 30 and 40 kVA/kW models and will eventually, in years to come, replace the existing highly successful transformerless UPS range, i.e. Multi Sentry UPS or MST as it is known.

  • Unity power factor inverter rating
  • Parallel up to 8 units in N+1
  • Easy installation
  • Various operating modes selectable
  • High-quality output Sinewave inverter
  • Wide range of battery backup times