Standby Systems announces the launch of the Riello MultiCOM 421 to be used in conjunction with PROFINET Fieldbus communications highway

15 March 2021

UPS remote monitoring and control tool to integrate your Riello UPS into your industrial communications and control network.

Riello UPS has expanded its networking solutions for UPS communication via an industrial network with the launch of the Profinet device called Multicom 421 MultiCOM 421. This new device can be used in all Riello UPS systems that have a comms slot-in compartment.

PROFINET, which stands for ProcessFieldNetwork, remote control and communication protocol evolved from the previous Riello UPS device called Profi-bus and comes with a full range of expanded and additional features to allow more advanced and precise communications between various fieldbus sectors using the industrial Ethernet, or IE, as it is known.

This new Riello UPS communications option is based on TCP/IP protocols that incorporates PROFIBUS communications protocol where high volume and reliable data communications are used in an EtherNet communications network.

This device allows UPS monitoring and control via various industrial networks and applications such as heavy industry, instrumentation and controls PLC’s, production lines, transportation control, and many others where there is the need for a high volume of data under limitations and external factors such as electromagnetic waves, speed of data transmission, etc., that are commonly found in the industrial UPS applications.

PROFINET communications highway and control is a very widely used system in the harsh industrial environment for integration of control, automation, and distributed I/O that requires very high-speed information transfer.

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